ContractStore Gets Internet Business Up To Legal Speed

Warehouse24 uses ContractStore documents to protect its customers and business

London-born ‘self-taught’ Company Director Jasbir Ghatora has been involved in business since the age of 18, which was shortly after leaving school.

“Business is my passion.” Jasbir told us recently.

“My current business ‘Warehouse 24” started in 2004, a home-based business selling iPod accessories.

“We have now grown into an import & internet retail company with over 4000sqf warehouse, selling on multiple channels, including eBay, Amazon, Play and our own websites.

“As an online retailer, keeping up with regulations can be complicated.

“A Google search on legal requirements led us to ContractStore, where a range of relevant contracts and information is available.

“We wanted to check which documents we should have, so contacted ContractStore and with their advice we got a complete Online Retailers Business Pack.

“The pack includes a legal notice for websites – which you can see in use at

“ContractStore saved us time, by being available online instantly. The documents we have give us peace of mind knowing that we are protected and also complying with our legal responsibilities, as well as giving customers reassurance that we are a ‘legitimate’ business.

“Since then we have been back for employment contracts as we are expanding and taking on new staff.

“I recommend ContractStore to others, because the contracts we purchased were easy to read, well documented and affordable – but most importantly because ContractStore pre-sale support was fast, friendly and helpful.”

ContractStore helps get new business off to a Flying Start

Flying Tots Childcare ServiceOne of our recent customers contacted us for help while creating a bespoke childcare company, Flying Tots Ltd, predominantly to care for the children of airline staff. After carefully researching crew and pilots’ needs over the past year, Sharon Bastien found that airline staff lose out on work due to a lack of childcare. Sharon also discovered that because airline crew work ‘irregular hours’ from day-to-day, they could not be accommodated by most agencies.

So the enterprising Ms Bastien designed a unique company, employing professional, flexible nannies to care for children of airline staff. The company will also serve high-flying career professionals whose work demands ‘out of the norm’ or long hours. Clients use the service on an ‘ad hoc’ basis, as and when needed. The considerable press coverage on the business has been very positive and has generated many enquiries.

Sharon got in touch to share her story about how ContractStore has helped her get the business off the ground:

“I found ContractStore’s website in 2008 and I used it to prepare two contracts, one for the clients who required a nanny, and one for the nannies I employ.  I did not anticipate that these contracts would require so many clauses and details, of which I was not even aware. However,  I was able to obtain two excellent contracts, perfect for the job that meets all the legal obligations and were great value.

Flying Tots ChildCare Service for high flyers“I am very passionate about excellent customer service inside and outside my business.  I felt I was always receiving  undivided attention – excellent customer service in fact. Our business relationship has grown and I can recommend anyone to use ContractStore .”
“The specialist services we provide are for working parents, whose job requires them to work a shift pattern. These are parents are experiencing great difficulty with finding childcare when having to attend work, for long periods at a time. Flying Tots, now with the introduction of our service to high career workers and business professionals ‘takes off’ to a flying start.”

Visit the Flying Tots

“I will recommend you to my business friends in the USA and Europe.”

ContractStore Keeps Exchange HappyFrancis Ayley, President of Fourth Corner Exchange based in the Pacific Northwest, USA ( wrote to us a few days ago:

“I commend you on the quality of your legal forms. I have written many business contracts over the years, and the forms I purchased from you really worked well for me, in a small emergency situation where I needed a contract immediately and my usual corporate lawyer was unavailable (out of the country).

“I must have searched twenty other websites before I chose yours. Well laid out, easily accessible, the right information available before I buy. Excellent. Well Done. I will visit again and recommend you to my business friends in the USA and Europe.”

This was especially generous as Francis initially had problems paying for the document he wanted as his purchase coincided with a site outage at Worldpay. He nonetheless was kind enough to find time to compliment us.

Fourth Corner Exchange is a very interesting site where people can exchange goods and services using ‘life dollars’ instead of money – they can instead trade work for work or swap things.

Thanks Francis and best of luck with your enterprise – and stay in touch!

OneIS Happy

Jennifer Smith, co-founder of OneIS ( contacted ContractStore after hearing about us in Delia Venables’ Internet Newsletter for Lawyers.

OneIS provides a secure, online space for small organisations to store and share all their information. In effect it’s like having an intranet or shared network, without the expense and IT hassle of running your own servers. Clients pay a monthly subscription to store their documents and other information in the application, hosted securely by OneIS.

Jennifer sought a contract giving the terms of service for providing the hosted information management system.

Jennifer and Ben from OneISThis type of hosted service is becoming increasingly popular, so we were happy to hear from Jennifer and produce a template contract for the catalogue.

Jennifer, who describes herself as being “obsessed with efficiency and improving business through better information management”, told us:

“We needed terms of service for OneIS but I didn’t want to spend the £850+ I was quoted by traditional law firms. So I approached Giles at Contract Store who sorted us out very promptly and professionally for a fraction of the price being quoted by others.

“I’m so pleased to have found your service. I thought getting our terms written would be a horribly lengthy and expensive process, but it has been really quick and easy.

“I have been recommending ContractStore to other startup companies – all of whom would benefit from the cost-effective, no hassle legal services you provide.”